Ribs that fall off the bone

You won’t prepare your ribs any other way after trying this method! We slow-cooked each rack in its own (very) air-tight parcel of foil at a relatively low oven temperature. You can play around with different marinades (store-bought or your own creations) – I have included one here that I created. Its rich and packed with flavour, so brush on sparingly. The recipe calls for 2 racks of ribs. Ideally, this should serve 4 people, but neither Funnyman nor myself like to share, and can easily polish off a rack of ribs each in one sitting. If you can too, this is an ideal Saturday night treat for you and your loved one. While I would like to say ‘use your hands for this one’, the meat literally falls right off, so cutlery is best!

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Chicken and Chorizo Bake

This colourful dish may look effortless, but it requires cooking in stages for optimum results. The smokiness of smoked paprika adds a huge amount of flavour overall and while Chorizo is no one’s first choice when it comes to lean meat, we believe everything in moderation, so we added a very small amount and cut it into smaller pieces to go further… Click here to see this recipe I created for my clients Action Reaction Training in London, and the great work Olly and his team do..

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Munchkin Soup with Rosemary and Cumin

I almost keeled over with delight the first time I saw these miniature pumpkins in the stores after moving to the UK. I had never seen anything quite like them where I come from. They are about the size of a fist and just ridiculously cute. Their actual label in the store are “munchkin pumpkins”, which pretty much sold me. I decided to grab a few and make mini soup pots with them.

I heard a beautiful saying the other day that said “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go”. So, I sent Funnyman out to gather those beautiful Autumn leaves for my props, (which I will likely also use as inspiration for my next painting – I do that too).

In the lead up to Halloween, and bidding farewell to Fall (as my US friends refer to it), here is a dead-simple recipe (see what I did there) that unfortunately takes a lot of time and effort to make – and about 5.6 seconds to eat. But who cares, right? 

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Leek, Bacon & Mushroom Pasta

I have recently done plenty of baking posts, but that is purely for Funnyman’s benefit. I rarely eat carbs to be honest. I have blogged about shirataki noodles before – they are the bomb! Made out of the konjac root, the company Eat Water has (over time) perfected a noodle-looking food that is so low in carbs and calories, I can fool myself into thinking I am enjoying a good pasta. They are high in fibre, very filling and even look like the real thing. Available in ‘rice’, ‘noodles’, ‘penne’ and ‘fettucine’ (my favourite), they are indeed a god-send for those on keto / low-carb / LCHF diets.

I love big, bold flavours that slap me right through the face. Craving something rich a few nights ago, I used everything I had in the fridge to make this deeply-satisfying ‘pasta’ – which happens to be less than 8g carbs per serving. (That is low for anyone counting macros). I have ticked the pasta category too, because maybe carbs aren’t an issue for you… Bon appetit!

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Mahoosive Bacon & Maple Cookies

What’s better than cookies? Bacon! So, I combined the two and made giant cookies using maple syrup. It’s not very clear in the pic, but they are the size of my hand! Stored in an airtight container, they should last a good couple of days. They also make great gifts, so they are perfect for the upcoming holidays!

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Banana, Oat and Walnut Muffins

Funnyman regularly brings home bananas – but then doesn’t eat them. “Oh look Monnie, the bananas are turning brown. I guess this means you will just have to make Banana Bread.” He thinks I haven’t caught onto this, but I learned plenty in wife-training school. Instead of bread, I made muffins this time (added walnuts for crunch and oats for additional fibre), then froze the batch! Now, when he wants a super quick breakfast and I am too lazy to prepare one, he can simply pop a frozen one in the microwave (on high for 1 minute) while I sleep in… #cleverWifey

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Duckies for duckies …

duck cookies

This was my second attempt at baking and icing biscuits. I bought this cookie cutter in the first few months of working at the Fat Duck (circa 2012) and only recently have I had the courage to use them, bake biscuits and ice them! The perfect opportunity presented itself recently when my lovely colleagues at the Fat Duck hosted a McMillan Cancer Charity Coffee morning. Since I have returned to the team on a part-time basis, I took these along on the day as a lovely reminder that once a duck, always a duck..  : )

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