Chicken Breasts stuffed with Creamy Pesto

I have made this dish so many times and it just keeps getting better. It’s not easy doing something remarkable with chicken breasts. They are somewhat underwhelming and can easily dry out. I love the idea of smoked paprika and that was my main seasoning here. It also added to the beautiful colouring of the grilled fillets. And the stuffing? Oh my gosh, two dead-simple, off-the-shelf products that – when combined – are simply out of this world. Enjoy this simple, mid-week meal – it may become your new breast friend. Ah, corny …

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Mark’s Pepper Chicken

Bless his socks. This is without fail what Funnyman makes me when I need a night off from cooking. He has perfected it over the years and has implemented little tricks that I shared with him (like the importance of a probe thermometer), so I simply love it! There isn’t much to it, it’s roast thicken thighs covered in (it’s body weight of) freshly ground black pepper prior to cooking. A quick grill skin-side down to render and crisp the fat, then finished in the oven. The accompanying sauce is a mix of mayo and Sriracha. Heaven! It works just as well if you are braaing the chicken. If you serve it with a green salad, it’s a fab midweek, keto supper. Finally, one where I can put my feet up and get fed for a change…

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Chicken Salad with Caramelised Onion Mayo

This is a very simple chicken salad and the reason I love it so much is the depth of flavour in the caramelised onion mayonnaise. The trick is to cook the finely diced red onions on a very low heat until they caramelise and become deliciously sweet – but be cautious about not burning them as the burnt bits are bitter. I would also advise using a mild, well-balanced mayonnaise like Hellman’s. As for the chicken, buy the skinless, deboned pieces. While most people would opt for breasts, I simply cannot resist the thighs. They are juicier and deliver more flavour than breasts which dry out almost all the time. I rely on temperature-controlled cooking of meat, and not on housewives “cook until juices run clear” – which is unreliable and lazy advice. Invest in a good probe thermometer and your meat will always be perfectly cooked – and safe to eat.

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