Fat bombs or keto-friendly snacks are an essential part of the keto lifestyle. Below are some great ideas to have at hand when you are feeling like a nibble..

Spicy Rosemary Roasted Nuts

Keto Spicy Rosemary Nuts

Nuts are an ideal keto snack as they are high in fat and fibre. However, the amount you snack on should be monitored as nuts are also high in calories (yes – in the bigger picture calories DO still count), but more importantly, some nuts contain a higher carb count than others (which can throw you out of ketosis if you continuously keep munching on them sub-consciously. This happens easily with tasty snacks). It’s all about control and picking the right nuts. These roasted nuts are moreish with a lovely hint of rosemary and heat from the cayenne pepper which you can adjust according to your preference. I mix in a very small pinch of sweetener as soon as it comes out of the oven, but this is entirely optional. Since you are roasting and seasoning the nuts yourself, purchase unroasted, unsalted whole nuts for this recipe.

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Biltong… the way to my heart

Those that know me will note that this post is way overdue. Biltong: The way to my heart since I first chewed on it while teething as a baby (how teething is dealt with in South Africa). My life changed a few years ago when my friends Danni and Phil showed me step-by-step all that I needed to make it at home – I was so happy and excited at the simplicity of it, especially since I live in England now. (Having said that, there are numerous South African shops around UK selling excellent biltong and droewors.

Biltong is referred to as beef jerky everywhere else in the world, but nothing compares to the the authentic flavour of proper South African biltong – that spice mix packed with all-important coriander seeds. Biltong can be a lean, high-protein treat and an ideal snack option, (but sshhhhh… I like it fatty!) That is entirely up to you and the cut of meat you buy. Depending on the amount of time you hang it for, you can enjoy it moist or dry. (I like it moist.)

I have only ever used one type of shop-bought biltong maker, and it was a SUNBEAM. You could probably fashion your own one (box, light, fan) but my trusty one has never let me down. It gets used a lot and has a permanent spot on my kitchen counter. Regarding the spices, go ahead and try several. Again, you could make your own, but why would you when Freddy Hirsch has perfected it? And the best part… I can make a few non-spiced pieces for the pooches, of course. See my step-by-step pics when you continue reading..

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