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Thai Steak Salad (Keto; Paleo)

Thai Steak Salad
Thai Steak Salad

I woke up particularly well this morning. Mr Higgins snuggled right up against me the entire night, and I woke up with his little nose breathing small amounts of snot onto my cheek: bliss. It certainly beats one Winter morning last year while still half asleep, in an effort to cover my shoulders with the duvet, my hand slipped and I punched myself in the face. Yeah, I would take a bit of Scottish Terrier snot any day.

Off topic, apologies… Having been to Thailand twice in my travels, I think its fair to say how incredible and fresh the flavours are, and there is a strong Asian influence in this steak salad. It is also 100% keto, fast, simple and satisfying!

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