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Bacon, Prawn and Avocado Kebabs (Low-carb)

Bacon Prawn Avocado kebabs
Keto Bacon Prawn Avocado Skewers

These mini bacon, prawn and avocado kebabs are like someone said, “let’s take all the best keto items and grill them on a skewer!” Bacon? “Yes please!” Prawns? “Yes please!” Avocado? “Oh, stop it, now you are just showing off!” They are a little finicky to make, but totes worth it in the end. A fun, tasty appetiser at your next braai (BBQ). Please note though, that tamari is used in this marinade and soy is not permitted on keto, hence my keeping this titled as low carb. Be sure to check out all the other Light meals & Appetisers on the site.

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