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Concentrated Beef Stock Cubes

Keto Concentrated Beef Stock Broth Cubes
Keto Concentrated Beef Stock Broth Cube

Its very rewarding making your own stock and you should give it a try at least once. If you saw all the nasties hidden in the ‘freshest’, ‘finest’ stocks available in stores you will likely make it more often. Ingredients like barley, sugar and cornflour are pretty common in the stocks you see on the shelves. This recipe uses the M&L Bone Broth recipe as a base. (That recipe takes a few hours to make and overnight to set. The time allocated for this recipe is simply the steps following that.) I will show you how you can make clean, healthy beef stock cubes – yielding as many as 10 portions of good-quality stock from only one batch. I do this by reducing the mixture so much that it dwindles down into about half a cup of thick, concentrated stock. Much like a Knorr stock jelly cube. Portioned using a handy ice cube tray to initially set them, then popped out and frozen for convenience. All you need to do is whisk one jelly cube in a cup or two of boiling hot water to use in your recipes. (Again, much like a store-bought stock cube). Important note: NEVER season a stock before it reduces – you will be left with a very salt, concentrated one. Always season your dishes after any reduction takes place.

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