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Keto Celeriac Dauphinoise

Coming from South Africa, a (mandatory) Potato Bake was the highlight of any braai – especially in my family where my aunty and cousin would get frequent requests to bring one along to family gatherings. (They would add bacon and mushroom soup powder if I can recall correctly.) It is a wonderful memory and one that deserved mention here. Anyway, after moving to the UK, I used to make my own version, which was more of a classic Dauphinoise. After going keto, not being able to tuck into one stung a little, until recently when I discovered how low in carbs celeriac was! (Up until then, I avoided it thinking it was a root vegetable and therefore a no-no). So, I adapted the exact recipe I used to do, but used celeriac instead of potatoes. Fantastic results, and perfect to enjoy alongside the Pork Belly and Keto Gravy I posted on Monday.

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