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Cream-baked Eggs (Keto)

Keto Cream-baked Eggs

If you are doing an egg-fast, or need some inspiration to jazz up eggs, may I remind you about the very simple, classic dish of cream-baked eggs, also known as oeufs en cocotte. My recipe below is uncomplicated and packed with flavour (it’s my current addiction when I don’t feel like cooking or if Funnyman is travelling!) Ramekins are essential for this specific recipe, but if you choose to use a wider, shallower dish, you may need to shave some time off the cooking. Its 30 minutes in the oven for the whites to set and for the double cream to bake to a heavenly flavour, but it’s well worth waiting for. I seasoned the cream with smoked salt flakes and garnished the finished dish with some some chives (to make it cute).

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Spring Onion Scramblies (Keto)

Spring Onion Scramblies

Some inspiration may be needed after a while of wolfing down eggs on keto. I can hardly call this a ‘recipe’, as its merely an idea to make your scrambled eggs a little interesting (and I took the liberty of calculating the macros for you). I made this for myself one night when Funnyman was away and I was in no mood to cook. The stir-fried spring onions bring a lovely sweetness to the scrambled eggs: they are flash-fried until bright green and partially caramelised before the eggs are added. This is a great way to pimp your scramblies…! (And fab served on a slice of toasted Quick Keto Chia Bread or Keto Breakfast Muffins*) Be sure to also check out all the other Breakfast ideas on the site.

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