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Creamy, Sweet Keto Fat Pots

Keto Cream Bombs

Super simple little cream ‘fat pots’, which are topped with tart raspberries to cut through the rich creaminess. The recipe makes 4 small pots, and can be done in ramekins, but I used little plastic pots which I found on amazon– (ignore the product description that says they are disposable – I wash and re-use them.) Simply wrap in clingfilm and take these babies to work with you!

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Mini Meringue Bites

Keto Mini Meringues

I made a batch of these to use in a Keto Blueberry Mess I was playing around with one day. They are so delightful and the perfect sweet treat to pop in your mouth when you walk past them. (They lasted about half a day in my house with Funnyman’s sweet tooth!)Add to whipped cream and blueberries and you have yourself a tasty mess..

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